1. Rules of this Regulations (called further Regulations) will be applicable to all XXII International
Championships Nail Master Cup 2019 – Tip Art.
Integral parts of the regulations are:
a. Championship Application form (info: name, address, phone number and information about selected competition).
b. Participants’ declaration giving the Organizer right to use created work for promotion and any other marketing
c. Participants’ and model’s declaration giving the Organizer right to use their image for promotion and any
other marketing purposes.
d. Participants’ declaration that he/she is the only author of submitted designs and owner of copywright – in
the understanding of copywright laws.
2. The Championship are organized by Euro Fashion Akademia Paznokcia, (called further the Organizer).
3. The Championship will be held on 6 October 2019 in AmberExpo Centre, Żaglowa Street 11 in Gdansk,
during 22nd Cosmetics and Hairdressing Fair URODA, (called further MTG).
The task is to create nail art on tips (design needs to be flat) clearly associated with the main topic that will
be announced after the START. Nail art must be done by hand with any available nail art techiquesYou are
not allowed to use any ready elements like stamps, stickers etc. Design needs to create a whole on all 3 tips.
Organizer will provide tips for the competition.
Time: 60 minutes
The Championships are open and dedicated to everyone, who confirm the participation to the Organizer to
21 September 2019 and pay 130 PLN (Division I) or 150 PLN (Division II) on Organizer’s account.
Championships will take place on 6th October 2019
Time: 60 min.
championships @n ailmastercup.com
or call: 0048 58 692 22 20
1. Each nail stylist (an adult) can take part, the condition is the use of professional materials and products,
and to meet the registration criteria.
2. Organizer will provide tips.
3. Participants should have their own products and materials.
4. Participant can use any of nail art techniques or combine many.
5. Nail art nedds to be done by hand during the Championships.
6. Participants can use colour gel, acrylic, gel polish, nail polish, paint gel, acrylic paint, aquarelle.
7. All kinds of stickers, decals, stamps and air brush not allowed – if you use them, there will be 5 points
8. Time 60 minutes
9. You are not allowed to work before „Start” or after „Stop”
10. Participants arrive with models at their own cost. They work with own materials and equipment. 1
11. Organizer will allow if someone is 10 minutes late, only if there is a spare desk for the participant.
12. If someone would like to participate at the last moment, they can only if the will make full payment and
there is spare desk to participate.
13.Organizer will not be responsible if someone did’t read or didn’t understand the regulation.
14. The organizer reserves the right to change the regulations and modify any points of the rules up
to 7 days before the Championships.
15. Competitors may not post any of their competition work before the awards ceremony
16. Any changes of the regulation will be published on the championships’ website.
MTG provides table with power socket. Participatns should arrive with own table lamps
Any legal claims of participants are excluded.
The organizer shall not be liable for damages and loss of participants.
Composition, colours used – is the designs full and not too little or too full, are all of the elements look
good together. Are all used elements needed – – max 20 pkt.
The use of advanced techniques – how participant works with chosen technique. What is the level of
difficulty within this technique – max 10 pkt.
Association with the topic – is the work clearly associated with the main topic? Are all tips created with the
specific participant’s idea – max 10 pkt.
Originality, composition – the design is an original idea that all the elements together create a logic design.
Are all of the used elements needed? – max 10 points
Overall impression, final effect – Have the tips been prepared professionally, clean, accurately and
impressively. – max 10 points
Deduction of points:
if participants use while working tools and equipment that is not allowed e.g. Electric files, stickers etc. (5 pkt)
if participants continue work after „stop” (5 pkt)
1. Jury is appointed by the Organizers.
2. The jury evaluates, awards and prizes, and also interprets the rules.
3. Participants voluntarily submit to evaluation and criticism of members of the jury.
4. Evaluation and interpretation of the jury is final and not subject to appeal. No appeal against the decision
of the jury will not be considered.
5. Announcement of results and awards ceremony will be held on the main stage on 6 October 2019.
I prize: 400 polish zloty in voucher for products in EF ( and in branches, needs to be used within one month
from the championships), statuette, diploma, prizes form Organizer and Sponsors
II prize: 200 polish zloty in voucher for products in EF ( and in branches, needs to be used within one month
from the championships), statuette, diploma, prizes form Organizer and Sponsors
III prize: statuette, diploma, prizes form Organizer and Sponsors
Organizer WILL NOT send the statue and diploma If the participant is not present at the award ceremony.
1. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the Championship by the 29 September 2019.
2. Participation in the Championship is paid. The condition for participation is to pay the entry fee of 130
PLN (Division I) or 150 PLN (Division II) on acount:
NAN Group
ul. Powstańców Warszawy 69
83-000 Pruszcz Gdanski
Bank Spoldzielczy in Pruszcz Gdanski
acount number: 82833500030121015220000001
IBAN is PL before the account number
During register at the information desk participant must show ID card and proof of the fee.
3. All participats of the Championships need to be familiar with the Regulation and accepts to use and store
their personal information due to the Safety of Personal Data Regulations (Dz.U. Nr.133 position 883).
4. Regulations are integral parts of the application for participation in the Championship, the statement
participant granting Organizer and MTG right to use the work done for promotional purposes, documentation,
and marketing of Organizer and MTG.
5. Participation in the Championship is clear with giving the right to the Organizer and MTG to use photos
from the Championship in the following fields of use: print any number of publications and any copies, use of
the Internet and other forms that may be suitable for distribution of Organizer and MTG as related to the
promotion of the Championships and fair URODA and AMBEREXPO.
6.In the case of awarding prizes in cash or any other kind of prizes, award winner (in the sense of a person
conducting business activity) is required within three days of its compleition to pay flat-rate income tax of
10% of the gross value of received awards to the Organiser’s checkout or bank transfer to the account of the
Organizer. Business / self-employed disperse same tax based on the amount of the prize certificate issued
by the Organizer.